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New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
Carp Fishing Mystery Buckets are back!!

Carp Fishing Mystery Buckets are back!!

The other day we launched a new batch of mystery buckets and they have almost sold out, thanks for the support!! 

They will be posted out this week, over 200 buckets, there are £100s in prizes and we recommend you get one now if they are still on sale!!

Click Here To Order A Mystery Bucket


19 July 2018 - Buy a Mystery Bucket & Get Carp Global Goodies guaranteed  - but what will you get... 🤪

One Bucket Contains The GOLDEN TICKET!!!

Our Mystery Buckets sold out every time we changed the prizes and what you get inside... We have tested different things and even different sizes and we have discovered that the original mystery bucket is the best!!

So, that's it... There is ONLY ONE Mystery Bucket!!

And we have revamped the prizes and bonuses...

For every Mystery Bucket (5L Camo Bucket with Rig Foam) purchased you will receive a bunch of CARP GLOBAL's own brand products as approved by our testers...

This is kinda like a mini launch of the products before they go on sale in the shop... And this will be the only way to get your hands on our products unless you are a paid tester....

Please note that we will only start distributing items when our testers say so... Items include:

  1. Liquid / Oil & Flavour Syringes
  2. PVA Bag Mixes
  3. Pellet Mixes 
  4. Boilies
  5. Pop Ups
  6. Wafters
  7. Bait Sprays
  8. Hooks
  9. Carp Global Bit Box Items (Swivels, Rig Rings, Beads etc) 
  10. Leads
  11. Line & Hooklink materials 
  12. PVA Bags
  13. The NEW MK2 PVA Bag Loader (Coming soon)
  14. My New Book "Carp Fishing Secrets"
  15. Our "Kits" - you will love these (coming soon)

And more besides... We are adding loads of new products to the range, and for a limited time we are adding Carp Global's new products to our Mystery Buckets!!

And there is more...

1 Bucket contains £100 to spend in the shop

1 Bucket contain £50 to spend in the shop

5 Buckets contain £10 to spend in the shop 

(and more...)

3 Buckets contain the mega prize to join us on the next event in August!

(and even more)

Some Buckets DO NOT contain any foam... they are stuffed with tackle... These are like white chocolate eggs, if you find one you will know... 

And, IF YOU FIND THE GOLDEN TICKET you win the MEGA 160cm CARP PILLOW - these are over £100 to buy!! 

massive carp cushion

You can order a NEW mystery bucket right here on this page...

We will be shipping early from 23 July so get your orders in...

Only 100 available right now so get in early!! 

Order Now! 

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