How Will Coronavirus Affect Carp Fishing in the UK and Abroad?

#staysafegofishing is our advice right now but things are changing by the hour and we may find that some fishing spots are forced to close...

We are already seeing notice that French venues are turning away bookings and hope that our events booked for later in the year will not be affected. 

We advise you to check with your operator how you may be affected. 

We have published some info on this page to explain what we will do should things get worse and our products / services are affected. 

I guess the answer to what the future holds depends on the Government and what they decide, at the moment it is business as usual.

Carp Anglers are quite fortunate, we are quite used to self isolating and perhaps should take this opportunity to do so at a local lake.

Avoiding contact with others is one of the reasons we go Carp Fishing I am sure so I doubt that folks will notice much disruption,

Let us know in the group what you are up to, how you are coping and what your plans are, remember to stay safe and stock up on essentials (but do not hoard loads of stuff you may not use) - we will have regular updates and fun stuff in the group to keep your mind occupied... 

And remember if you have to stay in or get poorly due to this outbreak there are loads of folks in the same boat, do not panic, stay clam and hopefully everything will be fine a in a few weeks. 

Keep your eye on our updates and enjoy the stuff we have going on in the group... 

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