Good Morning Carp Seekers - Business as usual here at Carp Global but we can't help but notice things ramping up in the news in relation to the virus outbreak...
Who's out fishing?
Who has to stay home?
Anyone actually been infected?
Anyone living alone who needs someone to talk to?
What are your challenges in the coming weeks?
Anyone worried?
With over 17,700 people in our community group (more than some towns have) it is important that we all look out for each other during these times and beyond...
What are your thoughts on the coronavirus, how do you see it affecting angling, are small shops and venues at risk? What do you think the government should do to help?
How can you help?
How can we help?
It would be great to see everyone's thoughts as I am sure a lot of questions are flying round right now...
Join our group and have your say https://www.facebook.com/groups/carpglobal/
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