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Don't Get Bitten For The Sake Of A Few Quid - Get A Mozzi Zappa Now - Click Here
Don't Get Bitten For The Sake Of A Few Quid - Get A Mozzi Zappa Now - Click Here
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DT Bait Developments Pukka Fish Peach & Sour Cream 15mm 1kg

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£12.99 - £12.99
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Made with the original Haith's Robin Red, plus high inclusion of fishmeals and GLM - a highly textured bait to encourage speed of digestive transit and voracious feeding. 

Good in silty waters where the peach overpowers the smell of degrading silt . The sour cream is made up of three components one of which includes N-Butyric acid, renowned to attract at levels of a few parts per billion.

DT Baits Boilies are made from the very best ingredients to ensure that carp find them irresistible! Blended to milligram accuracy, all of our boilies are produced in our own factory here in the UK so that we are better able to control the production process, improving the end result.

Since the company’s beginnings back in 1988, boilies and boilie fishing have evolved a great deal and during this time, numerous boilie manufacturers have come and gone. At DT Baits, we have always focused on quality and believe that it is this that has set us apart and continues to do so today.

As boilie fishing has grown in popularity, so have the carp that modern anglers pursue. With this in mind, all of our boilies have been formulated to be 100% fish friendly under the guidance of leading scientific experts and epitomise the Precise Nutrition Technology of which we are very proud.

Through our experience, we have developed a range of boilies to overcome any challenge the modern carp angler could face, at any time of the year. So, whether it’s an all-season boilie like our Supa Fruit or N-Blend, a high fishmeal, summer boilie like our Fish, Blood and Fresh Orange, or a dedicated winter boilie like our Cold Water Green Beast, DT Baits offer an advanced range of boilies that have been developed to catch carp all year round.


15mm boilies supplied in 1kg bag

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