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Don't Get Bitten For The Sake Of A Few Quid - Get A Mozzi Zappa Now - Click Here
Don't Get Bitten For The Sake Of A Few Quid - Get A Mozzi Zappa Now - Click Here

DT Bait Developments

Carp Global Recommends DT Bait as a high performing quality bait, look out for more of the range being added, and ensure you try the Green Beast, The "ONE" and the Pukka Fish range...

Boilies, Dips, Glugs, DNA Liquid, Boilies, Wafters and more...

At DT Baits we are proud to produce all of the carp bait products we sell, in our own factory here in the UK. Through our experience, we have built a reputation for understanding the science of carp bait and fish nutrition, precision formulation and advanced bait manufacturing processes, making our bait products the envy of the industry. Produced under the close guidance of our experienced bait technologists, our formulae remain a closely guarded secret and are only available to the carp angler under the DT brand.

Carp, as with much of the animal kingdom, know what is good for them and are actually hard-wired within their DNA to seek out nutrition which is of benefit to them. With this in mind, we use only higest quality, human grade ingredients and nature-identical flavours in the production of our bait and never include anything synthetic, artificial or sub-standard, and where raw material prices vary, we always choose the best quality ingredients over the cheapest price.

All of our carp bait products have been developed to be highly attractive to feeding carp, whilst remaining 100% safe for both the fish and the environment in which they live. Every product within our range has been individually tested to ensure it performs to our exacting standards and exceeds the demanding expectations of the modern carp angler.