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Katran Fishing Line & Tackle

Katran Fishing Line, Leaders and Hook lengths are a new addition to the Carp Global Store. From Europe, Katran represents the highest quality and brings meticulous attention to detail across it's entire range. 

On the Katran Website it says -  KATRAN Company ensures compliance of all claims, which made. In the manufacture of mono fishing line is very important to measure its diameter. To do this, we use a special high-precision micrometer, which measures the diameter to 0.001 ( thousandth ) mm

You can see more information on the individual product pages such as the Leaders, Hook links or Fishing Lines.

Everything is designed with anglers in mind and nothing is compromised when it comes to delivering a quality product at the right price. 

The Mimicker "weed imitation" leaders are also something worth exploring.

There is also an awesome selection of tools and terminal tackle items available from Katran, including the Carp Shaped Baiting Needle.

Check out Katran at the Carp Global Shop Today and grab some quality items.

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Katran Multi-tool 5 in 1

£3.99 £5.99

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