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Remember to take part in our Treasure Hunt (click here)

Rig Tubing & Silicone

Rig Tubing will prevent tangles and is used in a lot of modern carp rigs, you need to have new tubing in your tackle collection and make sure it is kept in the packaging so as not to damage the tubing. Should you accidentally close the box lid on your tubing or get it tangled kinks will form in the tubing making it impossible to thread. 

New tubing threads like a dream, you should always cut the line at an angle to create a sharp point, this way it will not catch on anything when threading it. 

Make sure your line is not twisted or damaged and that it is straight. 

Tubing also comes in the form of silicone in various diameters, usually below ot around the 1mm mark. You can use silicone tubing in a range of rigs and it can help with securing the hair to the hook shank, covering swivels on the lead or in the rig and much more. 

There are a bunch of connectors and adapters in other sections for example lead clips anti tangle sleeves, swivels etc etc...

Make sure to include rig tubing to prevent tangles and stock up on silicone to help tidy up and fine tune your carp rigs!