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Christmas & New Year Opening Times, Support, Shipping & More

Suspension of Mail and Shipping in some areas is causing significant problems - we are unable to guarantee any deliveries and may not be able to ship to some areas at this time! 

Thank you for your support, as we approach the fishmas season we all want some time with our families (and maybe do some fishing) below we set out what to expect from us between now and January 4th when we return to normal operation.

At this stage ONLY APC PAID SHIPPING Orders (and free shipping orders over £100) will make the last collection on Monday 21st (which should see goods arrive in time for Christmas). 

Please note that orders that have selected free shipping or royal mail, made after December 17th) may not arrive for Christmas due to demand, if you need to upgrade to APC shipping please contact us no later than Monday 21 December 11am on 01772 379320

Due to Covid 19, Christmas and an increased demand on mail services we are unable to guarantee any deliveries at this time as it would be wrong of us to do so, that said, we do believe that our APC cut off of Monday will give enough time as the deliveries should arrive on Tuesday (worse case Wednesday) and for items to be delivered if there is a delay. 

IF APC leave you a card  and you are out or miss the delivery, the first thing to do is visit and redirect or try to contact your depot to arrange a redelivery. 

Re delivery is not guaranteed and if you are missed twice the item will be held at the depot before being returned to us. 

We are not responsible for missed deliveries and will not be able to offer a refund if goods are still in transit. We will do our best to help but time and resources are very limited at this time.

Customers who have entered an email on their order will get APC notifications, if you do not get this we can give you your consignment number if you open a help ticket by pressing help on any of our pages. (we can only give this number once the item has been scanned onto the van) 

Last Christmas collection by APC is 3pm Monday 21st December!

Orders made after this time will arrive as soon as possible, normal shipping will only resume on Jan 4 2021 after the holiday period - if you have any concerns please open a help ticket by pressing help on the website.

Prizes that have not yet been sent will only be sent in the new year. 

Avengers Monthly Boxes will be sent on Monday / Tuesday... 

Our team are having a well earned break over the next two weeks, orders will be processed but you will not get the usual super fast service until January 4th and we are back to normal capacity. 

Support will be closed from the 24th - 27th and 30th - 4th, any orders made during this time will be shipped as soon as possible. 

Click & Collect will only be available until December 22nd 2pm and will resume on January 4th. 

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on the daily LIVE Fishmas Giveaway - we will update daily and have around £7000 of prizes to give away between now and when we reopen.

Register here to win and don't forget the prize draw on NYE!

The best thing to do is watch the fishmas shows, order all you need and rest assured we will get everything to you as fast as we can... 

We wish you an amazing fishmas and festive period.

All the best


Danny & Shiv