Changes to the Shop in respect of Covid 19 / Coronavirus


On June 2nd the Website will reopen with new products, accurate stock levels and our new Click and Collect option which means you can order items online (or on the phone) and collect them from our Preston store. 

Mail order will also be available. Simply shop online or call 01772 379320

We will also return to SIX days a week availability. However,

The following Rules are In Place

#1 Until July we will not be allowing walk in customers to just turn up at the shop without telephoning or ordering online first. When you order we will give you a time when your item will be ready to collect. 

#2 We have restricted access to products meaning you will not be able to browse our aisles and are unable to touch items. Instead we will bring items to you on request. To make this easier, and linked to point #1, please call us to order your items (and pay on the phone) or order online for collection. 

We have a lot more stock in store and several new brands joining our line up PLUS a big selection of bait from the best companies, we are happy to spend some time with you to help you make the choice and are happy to demo products at the counter. 

#3 So that everyone gets the best experience we are only allowing ONE PERSON AT A TIME in the shop. Folks will be able to wait outside (we have some benches) or in the car and will be able to enter once the previous customer has left. 

Order in advance on the phone or online to avoid waiting. 


Staff have the choice to wear masks and gloves when serving folks, and have the right to ask people to leave, please do not enter if you have any symptoms or are ill with coronavirus. 

Hand Sanitiser, Floor Markings and other measures will be in place, please use them and please keep 2m apart when waiting. 

Please respect others and do not try to push to the front, we will not move anyone's order up the queue, nor will we favour certain people over others, please do not ask us to bend the rules and please do not put us under pressure because you are going fishing this minute... 

Contactless or online Payment is preferred - we will not accept cash if it appears unsafe to do so.

Should it become apparent that our rules are being broken and people are just turning up at random we will close the click and collect option. 

Please note we will not offer any live bait (maggots, worms) for at least another three weeks after we open. 

Update - May 2020: 

We are now operating mail order three days a week and will be moving back to six day operation soon, we remain closed to the public but will soon be offering collection once the green light is given. 

You can order for delivery online, couriers are experiencing delays and we are doing our best to minimise disruption. If you need us for anything please press help and open as support ticket. 

Hopefully we will be back to a form of normality soon!

Stay safe!

UPDATE - 4 April 2020

Coronavirus restrictions are still in place and as we know everyone should be staying at home, protecting the NHS and ultimately saving lives by doing so. 

We hope you are safe and well!

The shop will be closed to the public however we are still offering delivery via mail or courier. 

IMPORTANT - On Friday we had quite a few APC and two Royal Mail returned to us undelivered, we appreciate that drivers are not hanging around and may not have left a card. We understand this is a frustration however we will sort through the returns and get the orders back out to you ASAP, if you think you have a missing item please open a ticket. 

We will be sending out custom pop ups and bait deals along with this weekend's orders on Monday 6 April. We thank you for your patience, while we have been running on a shorter schedule. 

We have also had some power interruption due to necessary building work over the last three days. 

Going forward we have put in place a lot of resources that we are adding to as much as possible, this includes LIVE streams every Monday and Thursday in the main Facebook group, exclusive stuff for our Avengers, and competitions, free gift cards, chances of winning and more available by registering on our special website 

We are adding to this page over the weekend too!

We have also brought forward the launch of our new project CarpFlix - All of the best Carp Fishing Videos in one place!! 

You can get early access and see how it is going to work by clicking this link 

In addition we are working hard on our plans for when things return to normal and are still receiving deliveries from suppliers, we have spoken to over half of the companies we work with and all are doing well, even though sales are down across the board (which is understandable) everyone is in good spirits and are getting ready to support you to smash those goals as soon as we get a green light, clearly however this may be a while off yet. 

All of our supporters who we spoke to are getting involved with our escape project, carpflix and more, we will be running a live link up hopefully this week with some of our guys and making more and more content as we move.

Our plan to keep things moving and make sure we stay afloat during these hard times is in place and we want to thank everyone supporting us for all they have done, especially in times of uncertainty, this certainly includes our Carp Global Avengers who are some of the most awesome folks I have ever met! 

To everyone out there, 

Stay safe, Stay at home and Save Lives!! 

Then let's get out there and smash our carp fishing goals!! 

Join in the fun stuff, let us know about CarpFlix and make sure you watch the live steams in the group!! 

We are in this together!! 

Danny & Shiv!!

P.S. Look out for more free gift cards coming this weekend, first person to use them gets the money... #ydgtaad

Carp Global Fishing LTD 

24 March 2020


To all Carp Global Members, Customers, Avengers, Staff & Stakeholders


Due to the currently unstable and unpredictable circumstances we all face as a result of the outbreak of Covid19 / Coronavirus we all have a duty of care to protect each other, protect the wider public as well as to follow the current Government advice.


With this in mind we are closing the shop to the public and are postponing all 2020 events until further notice


Mail order will operate as normal with a few restrictions...


Some events have only been “potentially” affected by fishery closures as fisheries could be open again by the time our dates come round, we are monitoring the situation carefully. 


We know that a large number of fisheries are also closing, as are cafes, bars, restaurants etc.. 


Our event for this Friday is also postponed as Cromwell lake will also be closed to the public.


For Now, the advice is very clear, to stay at home! 



Events that are affected will be postponed and new dates will be announced asap, everyone will still get their time on the bank, it will just take a little longer than we thought, if you are affected please open a help ticket and we can get things sorted - note we are likely to see a sudden influx of tickets related to events, we will answer these as soon as we can.

The Government Advice is for people to stay at home, fisheries are closed and non essential shops (like our’s) have to close too - much better than getting a disease, right? 


We will soon divert the phone to our mobiles and can still access all systems from home, however we will be restricted in our ability to ship orders.


At this stage we plan to ship orders twice a week from behind closed doors however this depends on several factors - update to follow. 


Returns and Supplier Deliveries may also be affected. 

And it is apparent that some suppliers have also closed. 


Our main focus now is offering support to our members and switching to online services so that folks can interact with our services during these tough times. 


More info to follow as we have it. 


It just makes sense to be safe!


So we are putting together things to do online, free offers, some amazing content and more for you to access while we get through these testing times… 


We have shipped as many orders, prizes etc as possible already and will be packing and shipping again on Thursday, then Mon, Thurs on rotation until we either open again fully or have to evaluate things further. (this will continue as long as we are allowed)


NOTE - anyone ranting online that they have been ripped off, scammed etc or anyone making false statements or inciting panic amongst members will be banned, removed, named and shamed and could also be reported to the police, we are limited what we can do and ask people for patience during these times. 


Your money is safe, your booking is safe, your order is safe, we are taking prudent action in a time of crisis, we will resolve all issues but will not deal with any abuse or threats. 


If any of this affects you please open a support ticket or give us a call….

As anglers we are possibly looking at not being able to go fishing for a while, instead we are being asked to stay indoors and this will raise stress levels amongst the community. 


Please stay calm, stay in and stay safe...


We have a package of things coming that you can do at home and a bunch of fun stuff to take your mind off things. 


We have a special website being developed with fun stuff and resources, it will be live tomorrow along with things we can send you to do at home while you wait for the all clear.

Our main shop, and phone line is available below: (open a help ticket for the best response)


01772 379320 

Our advice is to stay at home, tie some rigs, clear out your tackle, do some research, watch videos, do that diy you keep planning to do, whatever you do stay safe, look out for fun and games in the group and as much cool stuff as we can come up with, things will change so we can still achieve our fishing goals (at least some of them). 


We have lots of competitions and other things for you coming up but we also have to face facts that with fisheries closed and less folks out fishing that sales are going to be affected and that will affect our ability to do certain things, we have contingency in place and with your ongoing support we will be able to get back to normal as soon as possible AND weather the storm.


Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this horrible disease and hope by keeping folks away from each other that we can somehow stop it’s reach and limit the numbers of those affected. 


Our community should be a place to support each other and I am asking you all to make sure content is kept clean, fun and helpful, again please avoid sharing anything that is not verified as being facts. 


A special request from our moderators, if debating something please keep it clean, no need for swearing or abuse, we will remove offenders, we know everyone is stressed out but still require certain standards!! 


If you are worried, ill, not worried, safe, unsafe, scared whatever let us know, if you have ideas of things to do or want to share your experiences you can upload videos or post pics, questions or motivational posts, we will make sure that there are no promotions or links, please do not use this as a chance to gain… 


Everyone working together to get back to normal is the best we can do and as a group we can look out for each other, we will do as much as we can to keep Carp Global moving and assure you that we are monitoring the situation daily. 


We wish you well and look forward to seeing you on the other side, 


Danny & Shiv





Thanks for your cooperation. 




Update - March 18 2020 

Please monitor local news and contingency arrangements - we are still operational, however notice from certain couriers indicates some service disruption is likely to occur soon.


Bio Security Measures Now In Place At Preston Fishing Shop:

For the safety of all staff & customers please: 

Apply Hand Sanitizer (available on the counter) before looking around the shop and again before you leave.

Avoid Cash Payments if possible.

DO NOT enter if you have any of the signs or symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath), instead call us and we can ship your items.

We reserve the right to refuse access to these premises at any time - CCTV is in operation, please do not be offended if you are asked not to come in.

Update - March 17 2020

Some deliveries may be delayed due to late arrival of stock / on order items. Please open a help ticket if you have been waiting more than 4 days for a delivery of an item we have ordered for you. 

Currently we are operational, it may take a little longer to answer support tickets.

Update - March 16 2020

Fake News or social media posts that are deemed to be inaccurate or promote or incite panic posted in our online community will be removed along with the author, this includes "joke" posts saying that fishing lakes are being turned into quarantine sites for anglers (we know it's a joke but some folks believe and act on such posts which could pose a health risk) 

We are asking all customers to apply hand gel when visiting the shop and may refuse entry if you present with symptoms (fever, cough) please help us to help you by ordering online or by telephone if you are ill. 

We are working hard to avoid disruption to events but are aware that some things may be affected - we will not be offering refunds on any event instead we will offer alternative days / credits (only if an event is affected directly)

Please open a support ticket if you are concerned or keep up to date with our live videos in the main group.  

At this stage everything is business as normal. 

Please monitor the latest news and NHS / Government Advice. 



We are monitoring the current Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak both in the UK and abroad and are planning accordingly to ensure we can deliver products and services with minimal interruption. 

Currently orders are being shipped and we are 95% clear of all items we need to send out - if you have something due to arrive but you are worried whether it has been affected please open a HELP ticket or call us on 01772 379320 (opt 2)

Please note several suppliers are reporting delays and stock issues, we may run out of essential items (or may find things we have ordered are delayed) if you are worried about an order please contact us asap. 


Remember Safety is paramount:

Customer Safety 

Site and Building Safety 

Our own Personal / Family Safety 

Should any of the above be compromised we will take steps straight away to protect ourselves, staff and business, these steps may come without warning but we will issue a statement as soon as we possibly can.


Please note that this is a Global Pandemic and we are required to cooperate with local Government and Public Health Officials should the situation develop further and affect us or our customers. 

The situation is changing daily - please keep up to date with the news!


Here are some things that may be affected as the situation develops:

- We may have to close the shop temporarily 

- We may get ill and have to stay at home 

- Schools may close causing child care issues 

- Courier services may be affected 

- Orders may be delayed

- Tackle / Bait supplies may be affected

- The Duxburys Garden Centre site may close temporarily 

- Socials, Learning and Events may be affected (especially trips abroad) 

- Your order / event may be delayed / postponed 


Should ANYTHING be affected we will work with you to resolve the matter as quickly as we can, that said, we may face a period where we are unable to communicate with customers (i.e. if we are not allowed to open the shop)

Social Media:

If we are required to suspend posting in our groups / pages / forums for any reason as instructed by any authority we will do so accordingly, to avoid any service disruptions please remember that our groups are not to be used to spread fake news or incite panic etc. 

We may use post approvals or even permanent bans should folks insist on trolling or causing any form of upset to other members as a result of this situation. 

Please remember we are a Carp Fishing Group - however we are still a community and still need to look out for each other - protecting folks from misinformation is a priority for us all! 


Please note that some courier drivers have been instructed NOT to allow customers to sign for items received by their companies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, proof of delivery should still be provided to the customer and to us - if you need any help please contact us. 

In order to protect drivers and customers alike from the risk of infection whilst delivering parcels we are approving a temporary change to the POD signature requirements. This change comes into effect from Saturday 14th March 2020 until further notice.

We will continue to differentiate between leave safe and signature parcels.

For Deliveries requiring a Signature i.e. No Leave Safe Instructions, driver procedure below.

Deliveries to a Business Premise

  • Ask where they would like you to place the parcel maintaining a 2-meter distance from business staff wherever possible.
  • Explain that because we are taking extra precautions over Coronavirus, we do not require a signature.
  • Debrief as DEL.
  • Ask the recipient’s name and enter into the surname field.
  • Enter CV into the signature field.

For Deliveries to residential addresses

  • Place parcel on doorstep.
  • Knock door.
  • Step back two meters.
  • Explain to occupant that due to extra precautions over Coronavirus we will not requiring a signature.
  • Debrief as DEL.
  • Ask their name and enter into the surname field.
  • Enter CV into signature field.                

If no one answers door - card in the normal manner and return it to base.

For Leave safe parcels that have specific leave safe instructions in the Special Instruction Field

  • Leave in a safe place.
  • Put a card through the door stating where parcel left.
  • Take a photograph showing the parcel and surrounding environment to identify location.
  • Debrief as LAI.


Other Important Points: 

- Should you develop symptoms follow the NHS advice - please do not visit us if you are ill or believe you are ill with Coronavirus. 

- Wash hands regularly with soap and hot water as well as other precautions as described by the NHS or Local Government 

- If you are planning a trip to visit us in store please note we reserve the right to refuse entry should it appear that any person is symptomatic, we also reserve the right to ask customers to apply hand sanitizer and to limit the number of people in the shop at any time.

- If you are symptomatic (high fever, cough), or are travelling from an area with confirmed cases (or if a family member is ill) please order on the telephone or online and we will ship your order - DO NOT visit us if you have symptoms. 


What if we have to close or services are disrupted?

Should the worse happen and we are not able to access the building (or should services we rely on i.e. Royal Mail / Tackle suppliers become inaccessible)

We may not be able to send affected orders.

This will be the same for all other businesses, we will handle this as follows:

1- we will email you (or call) to explain that your order has been affected 

2- we will arrange for delivery as soon as services become available

3- we will (Internet service dependent) be able to update you and will be able to communicate via email, we may however not be able to issue credit notes / refunds or actually do anything until services are restored. 

PLEASE DO NOT OPEN A PAYMENT DISPUTE IF YOU CANNOT GET YOUR ITEM DUE TO CORONAVIRUS ISSUES as this will cause unnecessary delay in resolving your issue, please refrain from venting on social media or leaving negative reviews as any issues will be out of everyone's control - your order will be frozen and will be made available to you as soon as we are operational again - we will contact you with options and let you know what will happen. 


We will update regularly on Social Media as we move forward. 


For now, please stay safe, follow advice, keep an eye on the news and take steps to protect yourself and your family. 


Currently we are on high alert but orders are still going out and systems are still operational, and if you are able to go fishing and "self isolate" you are probably in better stead than the majority. 

We are also taking steps to increase security and prevent any potential issues - please note that security services will be operational on our site regardless of the outcome of any government meetings or actions and guard dogs, smart water and other measures are in place for crime prevention and public safety. 


As things change we will update you on this page.