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New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...

Full Return Reduction, Fraud Prevention & Returns Policy

Carp Global Fishing LTD - Refunds / Returns / Replacement Process 

We will not tolerate abuse, threatening or aggressive behaviour, should our staff feel threatened details will be passed to the police and shared with other trade associates.

Updated May 2022

Due to an increase in item replacement fraud attempts with high value items i.e. sending an item back that has been purchased elsewhere, security and tamper resistant seals will be added to high value items (rods, reels, alarms) before shipping. At this stage the tag ID will be recorded and the item will be photographed with the tags in place. Customers must not remove the tags until they are satisfied the item is in pristine condition and is ready for use. 

Terminal tackle items will be sent in a sealed clear bag, again secured with a tamper resistant seal. Items can be seen inside the bag to ensure everything requested is present BEFORE removing the seal. 

We will no longer accept returns if tags or seals are removed or tampered with.

Forensic marking technology is also in place to prevent fraud. 

Manufacturing faults that occur during use, after a tag has been removed will be inspected by the manufacturer and the origin will be verified before any claim is considered. 

Updated February 2022

Warranty claims will be investigated to ensure they are valid and false or incorrect claims will not be upheld. This is due to an increase in warranty claims made as a result of fishing in storms or extreme weather. Should you fish in extreme conditions and damage your bivvy or other tackle this is your responsibility and any damage caused in these circumstances will not fall under usual manufacturer warranty. Any claims will be investigated, for example if a claim is made a bivvy "just fell apart in light wind" we will send the bivvy to the manufacturer for testing and evaluation before we consider any claim. We will also take into account recent weather. That said, we might not be able to warranty and replace and item for free, but may be able to offer a solution and a fix for a small fee - as always, please be honest when reporting damages. 


Updated - October 2021

We are unable to offer refunds or returns on ANY Fishing Bait Products and we will not refund or replace items that show as delivered and the customer claims that they have not arrived due to the high number of claims that have been made and proven to be fraudulent - 


We operate a return reduction and fraud prevention policy due to an increasing number of false claims and returns that could have been prevented - all customers must agree to the following before making an order. The full  returns policy document can be viewed here - below you can see a summary - these points are in place to prevent fraud and unnecessary returns so that we can continue to offer our services.

Please Make Sure You Have The Correct Items - Common Mistakes Include Ordering an Overwrap Instead of a Bivvy OR Ordering a Rod Bag for Compact Telescopic Rods Instead Of Full Length Rods - If In Doubt ASK US FIRST!

  • I have checked my basket and have ordered the correct items (i.e. I have the bivvy and not just the overwrap, or I have checked the rod bag fits my rods, or I have chosen the correct size, option or color)
  • I understand that if it becomes apparent I have made the wrong choice or if I change my mind I must pay the return shipping so that Carp Global is not out of pocket.
  • I am making this order for my own personal recreational fishing use only and not because someone else has asked me to order with the intention of making a return or claim.
  • I understand that bait, personalised products, software or memberships, events and gift cards cannot be returned or refunded.
  • I confirm this order is being shipped to my address AND that I am responsible for accepting the delivery, I understand that if I change a delivery address or ask for an item to be left safe that this is at my own risk.
  • I accept that should a delivery be made but I do not receive the goods that this should be taken up with the courier / delivery company via their complaints process and that Carp Global will NOT refund or replace goods unless instructed to do so by the courier company after they have completed their investigation - I know that any such investigation may involve the police, and should items genuinely go missing I am responsible for obtaining a crime reference number and taking all reasonable steps to recover the goods.
  • I am aware that attempts of fraud (for example using someone else's payment details without permission or making a false claim that items are missing or have not been received) will be reported to Action Fraud and may result in prosecution and my data being shared with other tackle / trade associates.
  • I am aware that I am within my rights to change my mind and am aware that I can return items should they break or become faulty in line with the above policy, I know that I may not necessarily be entitled to a refund and that I must report any problems immediately using the help function on this site. 

Please note that we will help you if something goes wrong, something is not right or something needs exchanging, sadly we have fallen foul of scams, false claims and fraud and must make customers aware that we have strict policies in place to prevent the minority ruining things for everyone else. 99% of orders leave the same or next working day and will be delivered in perfect condition, if you need any help please ask before you checkout, or if you are happy you have the right items and are good to go continue to the checkout and we will have your order out to you super quick! Thanks for your understanding!


Legal Stuff: 


We verify the origin of our items using various methods and will only be able to offer after sales services such as credits and refunds on items purchased from us that have a valid receipt. We do not tolerate attempts of fraud and will always seek a prosecution when fraud is detected. Any misuse of our returns process may result in legal action. IP Addresses and all communication via this message is stored securely and information may be shared with other organisations i.e. our couriers to assist in the resolution of this claim. 


Online Guides To Current Legislation


(These Are External Websites And We Do Not Control The Content, You Should Always Do Your Own Research, these articles are for guidance only but do cover the ins and outs of the relevant laws) 


Which Guide To Returning UNWANTED ITEMS Bought Online (items to be returned NEW and unused within 14 days)


Which Guide To Returning Products That Develop A Fault (We will repair or replace before any refund is considered)


Please note that if you return something that has parts missing we will not be able to do anything until all the items have been received. 

For example if you order shoes that come in a mesh bag we need the bag back as well as the shoes, if you order a tackle box that comes with pins for the rig board, we need the pins back too...


If something goes wrong with your order please contact us straight away, just click help on any of our web pages or call 01772 379320 (option 2)


Please note that "wrapping" items as "a present" should only be done AFTER you have inspected the item for damage.

It is important to inspect your item as soon as it arrives and if something is immediately obvious, like a broken rod or missing item, please take a photo of the package including the delivery note and mail label. 

If a box is clearly damaged when the courier arrives please take photos. 

We do not allow our courier to leave anything in a "safe place" only with neighbours in certain circumstances. 

You will need to send a picture of the item and mail label / packing slip to us as part of the support process so we can clearly see what has happened. 

Fishing is also an outdoor sport and subject to the weather etc so please try to test and try your new product before heading out to fish, also please read the instructions so as not to void any warranty that may be in place from the manufacturer!

We have seen lots of “human error” cases such as people removing washers from reels or screwing components together incorrectly, please take care if you are unfamiliar with a product as we may not be able to help you without an extra charge if you break something… 

Breaking an item yourself is different to an item arriving broken or faulty. 

We will always do our best to help but please remember we can only do so much if things are out of our control. Looking after your items, unpacking them carefully and inspecting them thoroughly once you have them is super important to avoiding any problems in the first place.

Please remember never to cut any packaging with a knife or scissors - Manufacturers will not offer any support if you have clearly cut a product while opening it. 

We can get most things serviced, fixed or even replaced if they go wrong due to manufacturing related breaks and faults, even months down the line in some cases.... ( and should the worse happen and you break something then we can get it fixed or replaced at an additional charge as fast as possible).

Any issue can always be resolved amicably - we reserve the right not to speak to aggressive or vexatious customers , please remain calm we will do our best to help you and you can call for an update at any time on 01772 379320 (option 2)

Please note that should we have a stock issue at the time of packing your order we will notify you, attempt to swap any affected item AND still send you the item you need at a later date as soon as we have it, this does not happen often, if it does we will note it on your packing slip. On rare occasions an item may have to be sent to follow, again this is our problem and we will ensure you get your follow up item fast.

You can only return items to us in their original, unused condition within fourteen days of purchase if they are broken or faulty. 

If items are broken or faulty (and you have not used them) we can offer a replacement (in store or by courier), a credit note or a refund.

Please note we can only offer a refund if items are broken or faulty. 

NOT If you have broken it while out fishing with it i.e. snapped the rod in the car door.

If you are mail order customer and an item is broken or faulty (before you have used it) we will need the item to be returned to us. 

Please open a help and support ticket by pressing help on any of our web pages (bottom right) you can do this for anything support related / questions etc, we are here to help!

NOTE We may not respond as fast on Sundays but during the week you will usually get a response quickly, and on the same day. 

Restocking Of Unwanted Items.

If you decide you no longer want an item we will only be able to restock it if it is unused or unopened - please contact us before sending anything back. 

We will also require any free items you had as a bonus in your order.

Frozen Bait, Bait Products, Digital Products fall outside of the scope of this policy. 

There are a few restrictions on when we will refund and when we will pay postage etc and each case is different, please open a ticket so we can help you. (press help, bottom right)


Our Fault: Item arrives damaged by the courier

We will swap it or refund / credit - we pay all postage for you to return the item

Customer Related: Customer changes mind or can find it cheaper after ordering / cancels

Credit note will be issues for the shop (if bought in person) + restocking fee if item has been ordered specifically for you.

Customers will be required to pay their own return costs for unwanted items.

Our Fault: Items missing from order

We will send additional items or offer a refund / credit for the missing items (once you decide credit or refund we cannot undo the process)

Customer Related: Drops new reel in the water and it stops working

We will offer manufacturer support - you pay postage and service / additional charges

Our Fault: Waders are split at the seams on arrival and inspection

We will swap / replace / refund / credit - we pay postage 

Customer Related: Orders wrong size of waders 

We will swap or refund - you pay return postage 

Please remember we will work with you to get things fixed, some issues may take longer than others, please also note that this policy may not apply to prizes.



If we have ordered goods on your behalf (once you have made a confirmed order) and you decide to cancel (once the order to our supplier has been made) then a restocking or cancellation fee may be deducted from the order value or you may lose your deposit amount - this is to prevent us being stuck with items we are unlikely to sell immediately... Example, you order a bait boat, pay a deposit and then decide you don't want it... 

Please note we cannot cancel or refund / credit orders for custom rods, conversions, freezer bait, live bait or any other perishable goods that may have been ordered on your behalf i.e. 20kg of freezer bait… (Unless items are damaged / faulty as described) 

We do not offer money back refunds unless items are broken /  faulty (as described above) or if we have missed them from your order and you prefer not to wait for them to be sent (as described above) 

We only EVER refund payments on a like for like basis which means we cannot refund a cash payment to a credit card or a credit card payment in cash, this is for security and fraud prevention. Similarly gift vouchers will not be paid out in cash. 

We can only refund card payments to the card that made the order again for fraud prevention purposes and banking reasons. 

All of our products are sold as is, we do not always inspect sealed items before we send them out, should you open a product to find it is faulty or needs to be replaced please open a support ticket by pressing help on any of our website pages as described above.

Please include full details, a copy of your receipt and pictures of the damage.

Should damage of an item be related to how the item has been packed / delivered i.e. the courier has broken your item, we may need to make a claim with the courier, we will however seek to replace your item or offer a credit as soon as possible in line with the above policy. Again, please open a help / support ticket if you need help. 

If an item has been posted and lost by the courier we will replace / refund / credit and make a claim with the courier - should the item arrive after this time you may be asked to return or pay for it at a later date.

Vouchers / Tickets have no cash value and cannot be exchanged. 

We do not offer ANY refund or credit on ANY Carp Global Event - if you book an event and are unable to attend you will have to offer to sell your space to another member privately - we will not enter into debate about this.

Digital products are also excluded from our refund policy. 

We cannot refund any prize draw or raffle type payments.

Please remember we are here to help, we can make mistakes and we will always put them right, you must follow our process, please do not open paypal or other disputes if you have not contacted us first, simply open a support ticket by pressing help on any of our web pages, we will respond usually within a few hours. 

You can also call 01772 379320 (option 2) 

Please note that should you return an item you must also return any free items, bonus, raffle tickets, prizes associated with that order and you may be refused any associated prize claim should you win something after returning / refunding items. 

We take photographs of and weigh every order, CCTV is installed in the packing area to help mitigate mistakes and prevent false claims arising, for more information please give us a call or open a help / support ticket

Fake claims are taken seriously and will be reported as fraud, various measures are in place to prevent any abuse of this process. 

 Klarna Related issues should be put to Klarna via your app