If you have an order already pending, the most common question is when will it arrive, or possibly that something has gone wrong. 

There are so many different scenarios that we cannot list them all here, and reading them wouldn't help... 

So our process is simple... 

1 - Press help at the bottom of any of our pages (green button)

2 - Enter your info and details of the problem 

3 - You will be allocated a ticket number and we will respond fast to help you


1 - Pick up the phone

2 - Dial 01772 379320 (Mon - Sat 9:30 - 5) 

3 - Press Option 2


Either email or talk to us... We will help you fast, put things right and get you back out fishing as fast as possible... 

Here are some other things you can get help with: 

  • Servicing / Manufacturer support for any of our brands
  • Advice on products (Option 4)
  • To pay a bill or pay off an event etc
  • Fishing help (Option 4)
  • Anything to do with our groups or online presence 
  • Trade related issues (option 3) 

Please remember we cannot discuss orders on social media for security, please follow the steps above to talk to us, we may need to confirm your identity in some instances, our returns / refund policy applies.