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New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...

Talk about an Existing Order

Get Help With An Order:

Before following our help process please rest assured we are here to help you resolve your issue, but before contacting us please read the frequently asked questions below, if you still need anything just follow the process and we will get your problem or issue sorted asap!

Remember, if you do contact us, to provide as much detail as possible so we can help you, mistakes can happen, things can go wrong, whatever it is we can put it right. We ask customers to always remain calm and polite so we can help correctly and without rushing - some things may need investigating. 

Here are some reminders & FAQs that might help you immediately:

Please check you actually bought the item from us to save delays, 5% of our support requests last year were from customers of other shops!

Our order numbers start with # and are on the receipt you would have had when you ordered - please note that you only get a receipt if you enter an email or mobile number and the receipt may be sent by sms if only a phone number is used. 

Ordering from us does not automatically create a shop account.

You may not get an email notifying you that an order has been dispatched.

"Fulfilled" does not mean shipped, it only means printed out at our end. 

Please note that shipping times are from dispatch and orders placed Thursday - Sunday  may only arrive on Tuesday due to the weekend. 

We aim to dispatch orders Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Royal Mail may take upto 10 days, APC is usually next working day

Tracking numbers may not update immediately due to Covid 19 restrictions and some areas are still facing significant delays, if you have waited more than seven days for an order please get in touch by following the process below!

If an item shows as delivered and you have not actually received it please contact us immediately. This situation does not happen often however should this be the case please note that you are responsible for notifying the delivery company or the post office - we ask that you do this immediately.

If you claim an item has been delivered then has been somehow stolen please contact the police. If you have concerns about delivery or postal staff please contact the company concerned as well as letting us know. 

Sadly there have been more attempts at fraud than there have been items marked as delivered incorrectly, some folks have even been prosecuted and had their property banned by mail / courier services for making false claims. 

We have systems in place to identify fraud and customers considering making a false claim (i.e. that something has not arrived when it has) should know that we will report and deal with this accordingly. This includes falsely claiming parcels have been opened in transit or resealed. 

Of course things sometimes do get delivered incorrectly and you should also check with neighbours and in "safe places" especially if your local drivers know you from previous deliveries. 

Please note that ALL delivery vans have GPS, some have CCTV - customers are not required to sign for Covid 19 reasons, not actually signing does not forfeit proof of delivery and drivers will not risk their job by incorrectly following protocol. GPS on the van / scanner will always show the exact point of delivery and the name / photo of the person who accepted the item.

You may not always get a card if you are missed by a delivery driver but you will from Royal Mail. 

It is not guaranteed that you will get more than one delivery attempt.

Sometimes orders are returned to us after numerous delivery attempts, if this happens the first we will know about it is when the goods are returned, if this happens we will contact you. 

YES you can return unwanted items but only if unused / unopened and within 14 days, unwanted items must be returned at your expense, always check sizes, colors etc first and if you are buying a gift please make sure you have the correct sizes or information before purchasing - if you need advice you can follow the process below or give us a call.

We want to minimise returns and have updated our returns policy to make it clear what we can do if an item is unwanted, if it is broken, missing, damaged or otherwise please follow the process below!


Still Need Help? Our Help Process is simple... 

If something is missing, broken or defective or damaged in transit please contact us straight away and we will get it resolved - or if you have waited over seven days for something to arrive or have a problem with a product you have bought recently (i.e. it has stopped working when fishing) please contact us below: 

1 - Press help at the bottom of any of our pages (green button)

2 - Enter your info and details of the problem - make sure you add the order number and as much info about the issue as possible, we understand you may be frustrated, rest assured we will help you resolve things quickly, all me need is the info, order number and if something is broken a photo showing what has happened. We will usually respond within a few hours. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND POOR QUALITY PHOTOS, it needs to be clear what the issue is so we can get things fixed quickly. 

3 - You will be allocated a ticket number so everything is kept together in one place and if you need to add to it just reply. 


We will help you fast, put things right and get you back out fishing as fast as possible... 

    Please remember we cannot discuss orders on social media for security, please follow the steps above to talk to us, we may need to confirm your identity in some instances, our returns / refund policy applies.