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* Lightweight wire and sharp fine point reduce damage to maggots when threading them onto the Maggot Clip. * These clips are simple to use as you just open up the clip and thread on the maggots (no needle and thread required!), close and cast…. * Maggot Clips are perfect for use tied onto conventional hair rigs or mounted on 'D' rigs. * Available in three sizes: * Micro 6mm Diameter * Mini 8mm Diameter * Standard 10mm Diameter * Anti-glare black finish reduces visibility under water. * 10 clips per packet. * Tip – Thread a couple of buoyant fake maggots on the Maggot Clip to aid presentation by balancing the hook setup and add a small Micromesh PVA bag of maggots to focus feeding activity around the hookbait. * IMPORTANT – for fish safety ALWAYS ensure the Maggot Clip is ‘closed’ before casting out.

by Gardner