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Don't Get Bitten For The Sake Of A Few Quid - Get A Mozzi Zappa Now - Click Here
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DT Bait Developments Pukka Fish Oily Chicken DNA 250ml

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Active liquid food. Unique to DT: Roast Chicken savoury attractant. A magical product that rises and falls within the water column, dispersing flavour vertically as well as around the hookbait. Use on hookbaits, PVA mesh, pellets and loose feed.

DT Baits DNA is an active, liquid carp bait booster that can be used to increase the attraction boilies, pop ups, wafters and even PVA sicks, at any time of the year.  Containing a game changing formulation of naturally occurring liquids and attractors, DT DNA is rich in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, alpha linolenic-acid and a whole number of naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates . The end product is a sticky, PVA friendly, tar-like substance that carp find highly attractive.

Available in a range of profiles that match our boilies, DT DNA is based on two or three separate liquids which naturally try to repel one another, the result being a dynamic dispersant which acts to spread attraction through the water column. Similar in effect to a lava lamp, DT DNA produces an active cloud of flavour around the hookbait. Owing to its composition, the key ingredients naturally separate within the bottle and simply require a shake to activate.  A great way to boost your hookbaits, DT DNA provides a real edge.

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