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Gardner Covert Tungsten Ronnie Sleeves

Original price £5.25 - Original price £5.25
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£5.25 - £5.25
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Size: Heavy

These Covert Tungsten ‘Ronnie Sleeves’ are a streamlined sleeve, designed for use with size 12 QC or XT swivels that are used with the popular Ronnie Rig (Spinner) and German Rig.

The internal features means that the sleeve sits neatly over the top half of the swivel, keeping everything flush and tidy, without inhibiting the essential rotational movement of the hook.

They are available in 2 options related to their weight. The standard sleeve that is ‘unweighted’, and the ‘heavy’ version which offers the angler the benefit of being a tidy counter balance for use with high buoyancy hookbaits.

The ‘standard’ Ronnie Sleeve is perfect for use with the hugely popular and effective Ronnie, with pop ups that need minimal balancing i.e. shop bought 12mm hookbaits that largely ‘balance’ under the weight of the hook. Being unweighted, this version is also ideally suited for sleeving the swivel on ‘German’ style rigs with balanced bottom baits, e.g. wafters, snowman balanced tigers, etc.

The ‘heavy version’ is made specifically for use with custom and high buoyancy hookbaits, like cork balled pop-ups. These sleeves are also fantastic as a counter weight for Hinged Stiff Rigs and naked Chods, if you prefer to have the hook link rigid on eth swivel, as opposed to incorporating a looped hinge.

The sleeves are simplicity to use. Just slide securely down onto the swivel, securing the hooklink in place and balancing the hook bait with no need for shrink tube. This makes changing hooks quick and simple.

These ‘Ronnie Sleeves’ are a manufactured with a tungsten polymer compound.

  • Sleeves are 12mm x 4.1mm.
  • 8 x sleeves per packet.
  • These sleeves are ideal for use on most hooks between size 2 and size 6.

Also available in a short/dumpy ‘Hinge’ bead, for use on stiff hinged rigs & chod rigs, which can benefit from additional movement to improve hooking efficiency.

by Gardner

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