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New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
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Gardner ULTRA SINK - Tungsten Skin Specialist Skinned Hook Link

Original price £15.99 - Original price £15.99
Original price £15.99
£15.99 - £15.99
Current price £15.99
Style: Deep Green
Strength: 25lb

NEW - Gardner ULTRA SINK - Tungsten Skin Specialist Skinned Hook Link

The long awaited Tungsten Hooklength "ultra sink" from Gardner Tackle is now available at Preston Fishing Shop in all three strengths and colours. 

The need to keep your hook length away from wary carp and specimen fish has never been greater, increased angling pressure means the carp have often "seen it all" which means we have to stay ahead of the game!! 

Finding a true "sinking" braid or hooklength material is often hard work, some say they sink while in reality this is hit an miss! 

Enter veteran tackle company Gardner, with their 30+ years experience in manufacturing of specialist products it has been a goal for many years to make a hooklink that, well, SINKS!


We are proud to present Gardner Ultra Sink Specialist Hooklength Material in three sizes and colours!


By combining a heavy weight tungsten impregnated skin with a fast sinking, blended Dyneema / Fluorocarbon fibre braided core, Gardner “Ultra Sink” offers anglers the fastest sinking, densest skinned hooklink available.

The skin is strong and is easy to strip, straighten and knot – without rupturing when tightening down fig.8 knots. It has a medium stiffness that is rigid enough to kick out any balanced rig/bait combination – but supple enough not to sit awkwardly if the link lays over rough ground or obstacles – in fact it’s the perfect compromise!

It has proven to be hugely versatile during testing here in the UK and by our teams in Europe, used conventionally stripped or unstripped for boom sections on Ronnies and Hinged Rigs.

Colour wise we have gone to great lengths to get the colours just right for most angling scenarios. The ‘Muddy Brown’ is a nice mid brown, perfect for a multitude of spots and as such is our go to skinned hooklink that suits almost everywhere! The ‘Natural Silt’ is off black and it effectively mimics the myriad pieces of organic matter that are all over the lake bed of most venues. Finally, the green is a rich ‘Deep Green’ that will blend in with weedy areas, but based on a tone that can also be used as a general all-purpose hooklink too.

The fast sinking braided inner is fine in diameter, extremely strong and colour matched to the skin so that rigs remain inconspicuous.

  • Ultra Sink skin colours have been specified to blend in across a wide range of aquatic environments.
  • Available in three superb natural colours – Deep Green, Muddy Brown and Natural Silt.
  • Available in 25lb (11.3Kg) only – rated ‘knot strength’ for reliabilty.
by Gardner

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