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New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
New and back In Stock Items Across Our Brands - Fast Delivery - Clearpay Available...
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* Helicopter rigs offer tangle free presentations and give good presentation on many types of lake bed. * These Helicopter leaders feature Covert components. * 1.5m long leadcore leader of pre-spliced 45Ib Gardner Heavy Plummet. * Available in green or brown. * Ready to go in three steps: Tie on leader with a *recommended knot. * Mount lead weight onto extra small Speed Link. * Mount your hooklink on the size 12 Kwik Lok Flexi Ring swivel. Keep hooklink firmly in position with a small section of tubing or an anti tangle sleeve. * Recommended adjustments for different lake beds: * For silt and light weed, slide the 0.5mm silicon section 8-10cm away from the lead. * The scruffier the lake bed, or deeper the silt the further up the stop is pushed. This means that the lead is in the silt but the hooklink will settle on top of the debris. * Fishing on firm sand or gravel keep the stop approximately 1cm above the lead. * Recommended connection between mainline to splice: * Loop to loop by forming a strong figure of 8 loop knot in mainline. * 5 turn Grinner knot, normally best tied ‘once through spliced loop’ with 4-5 turns. * Made in England.

by Gardner

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