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Don't Get Bitten For The Sake Of A Few Quid - Get A Mozzi Zappa Now - Click Here
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JAG Adjustable Snag Ear Set

Original price £30.99 - Original price £34.99
Original price
£30.99 - £34.99
Current price £32.99
Style: 316 Stainless Small

We have been working on these snag ears for a number of years and came up with something that goes with all alarms. They go hand in hand with the current Black Prolite and 316 Ranges that are currently available. The snag ears push the boundaries when it comes to rod security. Starting from the top of the snag ears, there is a series of drilled holes so that you can add an isotope if you wish. To hold the isotope in place there is a neat little rubber insert which has been injection moulded with JAG on the top.


The snag ears are made out of 316 marine grade steel and the same aluminium which can be found in the Prolite range. If you look on the front of the snag ear you will see a series of grooves, these grooves allow you to set the height depending on your personal preference. Not only do the grooves allow you to adjust the height, they help with the rigidity of the snag ears couple with the carriage which is supplied. The carriage utilises a grub screw which locates on the rear of the snag ear on a milled flat. In order to locate the grub screw in the carriage you will need the laser etched thumbscrew to really tighten down the ear onto the baseplate.


The base plates are available in two sizes, small and large. The small base plate is compatible with small alarms like Nevilles and ATTs, the large is compatible with bigger alarms like the Delkim or NTXR. The base plates have been milled in house by our skilled engineers. The base plate includes the fitment on the rear which the snag ear attaches on to as well as a 2BA thread on the front for you to screw in your indicators. To finish off the base plate, they are laser etched with JAG once again.


We really cannot stress how solid these snag ears are once they are set in their position. You can tighten these down so that they do not move when you are snag fishing. The inserts are available in 7 different colours with the addition of a packet including red, white and blue. 


The ears are sold singularly, as per the images. If you wish to use two ears on one base plate, there is a snag ear spares kit which comes with a singular ear and the carriage to secure the ear onto the base plate. The inserts and isotopes are also available separately. 

by JAG

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