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Shimano Tactical 3 Season Sleep System

Original price £229.99 - Original price £239.99
Original price
£229.99 - £239.99
Current price £229.99

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Size: Standard

Shimano Tactical 3 Season Sleep System

Available in standard or WIDE

Less expensive than it's bigger brother the Tactical Bedchair / 3 Season Sleep System is the go to bed chair for the mobile angler and those on a budget. 

Designed to match the Tactical Range of Shimano Products this amazing sleep system takes many of the features of more premium sleep systems and combines them into an affordable, amazing sleep system that can be used with confidence throughout most of the year.

Fold Flat, Super Warm & Comfy, Light & Portable, Quick Exit Zips, Fast Set Up & Pack down for the mobile angler, finished in Tactical Green. 

Pillow and Cover available (sold separately) 

An amazing new sleep system, in stock for immediate dispatch!

Be aware that other sites are using the wrong picture, they are showing the more expensive MAG 4 SEASON (Available HERE), this is the correct picture set for this product.

NOT PRE ORDER, in stock for immediate dispatch 



by Shimano