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* This high quality shrink tube is perfect for a wide range of rig applications such as Line-Aligner rigs and similar arrangements that extend the hook shank and help the hook to turn quicker and maximises the hooking efficiency of many rigs. * It's perfect for sleeving bulky knots on hooklink and helps elevate rigs to a new level of tidiness. * The large size is recommended for sleeving Kwik lok swivel connections for rigs and hooks (ideal for use on the Ronnie rig). * Full lengths of Supa Shrink can also be used as a stiffer anti tangle sleeve to maintain good presentation when casting at extreme range. * This top quality, tough shrink tube will shrink down to a third of its original diameter when heated. The consistent 3:1 shrink ratio means the tube ‘grips’ hooks and other terminal tackle firmly - reduces down to a flush finish for the neatest possible presentation. * Semi-stiff when steamed and once angled or curved it will retain its shape whilst fishing. * Heat by steaming or immersing the tubing in hot water. *Always take care not to burn or scald yourself. * Strong and durable, will not split or distort. * 8 x 3 inch (7.5cm) lengths per pack. * 2 sizes available: * Small=1.5mm O/D and 0.5mm I/D, * Large=2.4mm O/D and 0.8mm I/D (suitable for large hooks and swivels) * Low-viz camo colours available in Clear, Olive Green, Dark Grey & Mixed Camo to match any lake bed.

by Gardner